Macro Photography

Macro photography is a unique form of photography that involves photographing small objects to make them look life-sized or larger in the photo. The usual subjects include flowers and small insects, which we don't normally get to see up close with the naked eye.



We specialise in close up

macro photography, In high resolution the images are printed on to photo paper or canvas then framed the finnish is breath taking.


Wedding day photography

Your magical moments photographed and printed framed as well if this is wished. This has always been a passion of mine chronicling a magical day that only the lucky ones go through. I am fairly new to wedding days but my passion to capture this day for the lucky couple is huge. From the family pictures to the great nuptials my images will capture this great occasion. i will after the event put all your pictures on a usb stick for you to keep and i can even print your chosen images onto canvases in any sizes and frame them this will all be in my amazingly low price for the whole day . Please email me to arrange your wedding photography. £650 for the whole day with framed canvas prints if required.

Newlywed Couple
Floral Cake


I consider myself a  Documentary Wedding Photographer and will tell the story of your day, through candid, unposed images. I personally feel this way has a better end product for the happy couple. Also i would rather charge one day price for the whole event with no hidden extra costs. i will take around 300 to 400 pictures of the day then edit the approved ones they can then go on a hard drive for the couple if required i can print and frame specially chosen images on canvas or photo paper all in the one price. Please email us at pro printing for a booking. 

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